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YUPO (Synthetic Paper)

Material: YUPO
1m×10m Roll
6,400 JPY
900 JPY

Free shipping to Japan for orders of 20,000 JPY excluding tax or more.


YUPO has high preservative quality and is less liable to tear. The surface is smooth and resistant to water. Main component is polypropylene so it is environmental friendly as resources.
YUPO is the most suitable for resin paints such acrylics. It is also ideal to be applied iwa-enogu (Japanese pigment) and metal leaf with animal glue, and to draw with a pencil on it. Oil paint is easily paintable on the paper with gesso ground. (More details are described with samples of examined results in another sheet of paper )
For maintaining artworks on YUPO applying fixative is recommended. There is no front and back and it does not absorb water, so both sides are paintable.


<Acrylic paint >
Fixation of the paint is good on Unipaper-a. The glossiness of acrylic resin matches with smooth feel of the Unipaper-a, and it brings out the full potential of acrylic paint.

<Alkyd paint >
Fixation of the paint is good on Unipaper-a. Glossy texture of alkyd resin matches with the Unipaper-a, and it brings out the full potential of alkyd paint.

<Oil Paint >
It slightly repelled oil paint which is diluted with terpin, but fixation was good after it is dried. Oil color has luster and good quality on  Unipaper-a. It is easy to wipe out with cloth to make a white negative space with clean edges.

<For metal leaf with varnish >
Fixation of gold leaf is good on Unipaper. The flat smooth surface brings out lustrousness of every metal leaves.

<Yuenboku (Oil Soot Ink) Usuzumi(Light Ink) >
Edges of water are appeared after ink is dried, and it makes random marks on the surface. Bleeding texture on Unipaper-a look differently from on a paper. It performs unique Tarashikomi (a technique in which ink are dripped or brushed into wet ink) which one of the expression techniques in Suiboku-ga (Ink Painting).

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