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Pigment Paste Titanium White

Brand: Holbein
800 JPY


Holbein Pigment Pates are pure color pigments so the concentration of color is higher than general paints.

It does not contain any binder (glue). By adding vehicles such gum arabic, acrylic emulsion, or animal glue, Pigment Pastes become water-based paints. Also, these pastes can be added to other water-based paints to control color and thickness of the paints.

Powdery pigments have been used for traditional painting techniques such egg tempera and fresco painting, however Pigment Pastes are easier to use with those techniques since these are already well kneaded. (It is easily mixed with mediums by palette knife because it is highly dispersive pastes.)

Pigment Pastes are also suitable as wood-print paints.
※)Unlike in the cause of powdery pigments, pigment pastes cannot be mixed with oil paints.

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Holbein Pigment paste✨ It is made of minute grains of pigment so you can make original water-based colors by mixing it with glue, gum arabic, acrylic emulsion,etc.🎨 #pigmentpaste #artmaterials #colormaterial #holbein #pigment_tokyo #画材 #ホルベイン #顔料ペースト

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