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① Japanese Painting Technique "Metal Leaf"

① Japanese Painting Technique "Metal Leaf"
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Inei-raisan (In Praise of Yin and Yang) evoked by using Metal Leaf
- The Ultimate Beauty in Crafts Cultivated in the Golden Land, Japan

Gold has been used as a fascinating material since ancient times until today. However, in other countries, paintings using gold leaf tended to be regarded as crafty and low artistic value. In Japan, on the other hand, gold leaf has been used not only for decorative purposes, but also as a form of spatial expression, and has been used to add brilliance to Japanese paintings.

In this lecture, you will learn the theory and practice of various techniques related to metal leaf, such as the classic technique of applying metal leaf, the technique of making gold paint from the metal leaf, and the technique of painting on the metal leaf which is one of Sotatsu's secret techniques. (Tawaraya Sotatsu was a famous Japanese painter of the Rinpa School from Edo Period.)

This lecture is useful not only to those who have been painting in Japanse style or are just starting to paint with the medium but also to those who want to work with these materials outside of Nihonga (Japanese painting) and to those who are involved in them. This video offers you the possibility to expand your way of expression by learning new knowledge of these materials.

In the first session, you are going to learn different types of metal leaves and their characteristics. Through learning about the concept of gold leaf in Japanese painting, the presence of gold leaf in your work would be more meaningful.

The """"Secret Techniques of Japanese Painting"""" is a series composed of lectures and demonstrations.
The number of lectures will vary depending on the topic, but you can learn more about the principles of the materials by watching the videos consecutively.
The first lecture in this series has offered at a special price.

Kei Iwaizumi

Doctor of Fine Arts at Kyoto University of Art and Design
Instructor of Japanese Style Painting Course at Kyoto University of the Arts

He graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design with Doctor of Fine Arts degree in 2015. His thesis was about use of animal glue in painting. While teaching about art materials at Kyoto University of the Arts, he also continues his career as an artist. Main concept of his works is physical existence of materials.