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Introduction to Metal Leaf

Introduction to Metal Leaf
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Metal leaf is a thin stretched metal. Its unique radiance decorates paintings beautifully. There are metal leaves made from copper, aluminum, platinum and gold additionally, there is a new series named Shinko-haku which are silver leaves dressed in different colors. The diverse range of brilliant colors will give you a new inspiration for the creation.
The metal leaf is so thin that it can fly with just a little breath and cannot be touched with our bare hands. Because of the delicacy, metal leaves are generally known for its difficulty of handling. This workshop is for beginners who have interest in learning the metal leaf.
It is recommended for people who “have interest but hesitate to try” or “don’t know where to start.”
You are going to learn 2 gilding techniques by comparing 2 types of adhesives.
Let’s try using the metal leaves.
You can feel the beauty of the metal leaf which has attracted many people since old times.
(1 hours Video)

<Set includes>
Black Panel(x1),Stencil Sheets(Man-shape・Round shape)、a Large Flat Brush(x1), Flat Brush(x1), Pounding Brush(x1), Bamboo Sieve(x1)Bamboo Tweezers(x1)Plates(x2),Fish Glue(x1), Sodium Alginate Solution(x1), Acqua Missione(Gilding Size)(x2), Baby Powder(x1),Aluminum Leaf(x10),Pure Gold Leaf(x1),Imitation Gold Leaf(x1),Wax Paper(x1),Washi Paper

「Introduction to Metal Leaf」
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Metal leaf : Aluminium leaf, Brass leaf
Way of “Akasu” : Akautsushi-gami (Wax paper)
Method : Flat pressing, Sunago (Sprinkle metal flakes)
Adhesive (glue) : Fish glue, Missione all’Acqua

「Introduction to Pure Gold Leaf」
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Metal leaf : Pure Gold Leaf Shogomo
Way of “Akasu” : Camellia oil + Washi (Japanese paper)
Method : Flat pressing, Men-puta (cover)
Adhesive (glue) : Fish glue