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For those of you who have ever visited PIGMENT TOKYO, may recognize the design of the store coat worn by our PIGMENT staff.

These designs were created by the fashion brand "spoken words project", which is run by designer Masahiro Tobita, who has an established reputation for making clothes with hand-dyed and printed designs.

PIGMENT TOKYO's original denim fabric, which is inspired by the colorful mineral paints that are displayed in our store, is characterized by a different texture for each piece of fabric through the use of a meticulous hand-dyeing technique, creating the one-of-a-kind design that can only be made by hand.

We have received numerous inquiries from both Japanese and foreign customers about purchasing this product, but we have not been able to commercialize it due to the difficulty of mass production, which requires a lot of time and effort.

However, in Spring 2020, along with the launch of PIGMENT BLUE PROJECT, which seeks to bring peace to the world by sharing a precious time with all those who love art, we are pleased to announce that thanks to Mr.Tobita’s help, we will be selling products using the exact same design.

These textiles are original designs from spoken words project and we call them "spoken denim".

The difference between spoken denim and the original denim, is that spoken denim are made from a yarn-dyed weave and printed on a pure white denim fabric that has been knitted together to create the look.

The indigo dye is printed on a white fabric and washed, then overlaid with the print and washed again. After repeating this hand-wash process several times, the one of a kind spoken denim design is done! 

In an earlier version of PIGMENT TOKYO’s store coat, the concept "stone and water" was expressed on the inside and outer edge of the coat, based on the ideas of the mineral paints that PIGMENT sells.

Now, the textile designs for our latest products are coming from the idea of "stone".

The products include a tote bag, a shoulder bag, a brush rolling case and an apron. They all come in unisex designs that are ideal for use in everyday life as well as in art making.

Additionally, every item has the double-name tag of PIGMENT TOKYO x spoken word project, and are available in limited numbers only.

Denim Tote

Carry some favorite books and sketchpad with a tote bag to your favorite café and enjoy your own personal time!

A generously gusseted tote bag that can fit A4 documents and a laptop. It can also be used for short trips and picnics. There's an inside pocket, so it's handy when you want to put your smartphone or other small items in it.

Strong fabric keeps the tote bag from losing its shape, even with heavy objects, and gives it a sense of stability.

Denim Shoulder bag

An affordable size shoulder bag that is convenient for taking a walk or shopping in the neighborhood. Perfect for use as a bag-in-bag too.

Denim Shoulder Bag can be rolled up into a smaller size when you’re not using it, making it convenient to take along with you on your travels.

You can adjust the strap to your preferred length, according to your body size and the dressing style of the day.

As you use it, it will adapt to your body's lines and might even turn into your fashion buddy!

Denim Apron

There’s a double pocket on the right hand side, where you can put a small sketchbook and brushes or anything you want to place while you’re working.  

Denim Apron is made of solid fabric, so even if the stuff you put in are a little bulky, they are totally safe to use.

Moreover, there is a chest pocket that is perfectly sized for pens and brushes.

Denim Brush case

 ※The size is calculated with an opened brush case.

Denim Brush Case comes with a rubberized design so that small items such as paint tubes are not likely to fall out from the pockets.

It comes with a belt thread so you can wear it around your waist, or it is also a perfect match for our Denim Apron!

This item is not just for the painting brushes, also you can use it for storing stationery, cosmetic brushes, etc.

We have been wearing the store coats all the time, but because of the nice resilience of the denim textile, it doesn't fall out of shape, and the more we wear it, the more we love the texture! 

The passage of time spent and the shape of your beloved tools will be imprinted on the fabric and become part of our new design.

May the one and only spoken denim grow in your heart!

spoken words project

Fashion brand created by Masahiro Tobita, which was first introduced at the 1998 Tokyo Collection.

Masahiro Tobita makes clothes with hand-dyed and printed prints, collaborates with various brands such as PUMA, participates in art festivals, and is active in a diverse field by designing frameworks for apparel brands.

URL: http://spokenwordsproject.com


Art Materials Expert at PIGMENT TOKYO


Art Materials Expert at PIGMENT TOKYO Graduated from the Textile Design at Tama Art University While she works as an art material expert at PIGMENT, she also continues her career as an artist of Original paper, Japanese paper and calligraphy.

Art Materials Expert at PIGMENT TOKYO Graduated from the Textile Design at Tama Art University While she works as an art material expert at PIGMENT, she also continues her career as an artist of Original paper, Japanese paper and calligraphy.