About PIGMENT Online Shop
Q:How can I purchase items? A:You can order anytime with or without member registration. Please click here for more details.
Q:What forms of payment are accepted for online purchases? A:We accept VISA, MaterCard, American Express, JCB, and Union Pay credit cards. You can choose one-time payment only.
Q:Why did my credit card company send me e-mails more than once? A:In case of international shipping, shipping charges may vary depending on your ship-to country and amount / weight of items. The shipping charge will be finalized after you place an order, and then you will receive an e-mail with the final total charges.
You might receive e-mails about payment more than once after you place an order and before the total charges are fixed. They are provisional, and the amount is not charged every time you receive e-mail. Please be assured that only the final total charges are billed.
In case you have any further questions or concerns, please contact your credit card company.
Q:Is international shipping available? A:We ship to the countries and areas where EMS is available. Please refer to “Shipping and Delivery” for more information.
In case of international shipping, you will receive an e-mail with the final shipping charges after you place an order. Once you reply to us with your confirmation, we will ship your items, and the settlement of your order begins. Please note that your order will be canceled if we do not hear from you within five business days after the shipping charge notification is sent to you.
Q:How much will it cost to ship my order? A:It is 1,000 yen flat shipping rate for shipping in Japan. For international shipping, the shipping charges may vary depending on your ship-to country, and amount / weight of items and others. Please refer to “Shipping and Delivery” for more information.
Q:Where can I find the tracking number of my purchase? A:It will be provided in the shipping notification e-mail.
Q:When and how can I cancel my order? A:The order can be canceled before the shipping process begins. Please contact us as soon as possible in case of cancellation.
About Products
Q:The prices of some items are not provided. Where can I find the prices? A:There are rare and valuable items in PIGMENT, and some of them cannot be purchased online. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.
Q:What is the purchase unit of pigments? A:Each pigment can be purchased by the 15 grams.
* Please note that only ZECCHI pigment is sold by the 50 grams.
Q:How can I use pigment and other items? A:Pigment cannot be adhered to other materials on its own, and needs the binder called the vehicle (acrylic, oil, gum Arabic, glue, etc.). Pigment is mixed with a vehicle, and then used for painting. Also, we have workshops utilizing pigment and other items in PIGMENT shop at T-Art Academy. Please feel free to contact us for more details.
Q:Are wooden frames and panels made in Japan? What size do you carry? A:All wooden frames and panels are made in Japan. Please refer to the following for size details.
measurement : cm
Size Figure Paysage Marin
0 18.0×14.0 18.0×12.0 18.0×10.0
1 22.0×16.0 22.0×14.0 22.0×12.0
S.M 22.7×15.8 - -
2 24.0×19.0 24.0×16.0 24.0×14.0
3 27.3×22.0 27.3×19.0 27.3×16.0
4 33.3×24.2 33.3×22.0 33.3×19.0
5 35.0×27.0 35.0×24.0 35.0×22.0
6 41.0×31.8 41.0×27.3 41.0×24.2
8 45.5×38.0 45.5×33.3 45.5×27.3
10 53.0×45.5 53.0×41.0 53.0×33.3
12 60.6×50.0 60.6×45.5 60.6×41.0
15 65.2×53.0 65.2×500 65.2×455
20 72.7×60.6 72.7×53.0 72.7×50.0
25 80.3×65.2 80.3×60.6 80.3×53.0
30 91.0×72.7 91.0×65.2 91.0×60.6
40 100.0×80.3 100.0×72.7 100.0×65.2
50 116.7×91.0 116.7×80.3 116.7×72.7
60 130.3×97.0 130.3×89.4 130.3×80.3
80 145.5×112.0 145.5×97.0 145.5×89.4
100 162.0×130.3 162.0×112.0 162.0×97.0
120 194.0×130.3 194.0×112.0 194.0×97.0
130 194.0×162.0 - -
150 227.3×181.8 227.3×162.0 227.3×145.5
200 259.0×194.0 259.0×181.8 259.0×162.0
300 291.0×218.2 291.0×197.0 291.0×181.8
500 333.3×248.5 333.3×218.2 333.3×197.0
Q:What percentage of emulsion is used for Acrylic Emulsion 2235? A:It is 46.5%.
Q:Can I make watercolors? A:Gum Arabic is used as a vehicle for watercolor. In case you have any inquiries for making, please feel free to contact us.
Q: What is “尺(syaku)” or “寸(sun)” ? A: They are units of length formerly used in Japan.
One syaku is about 30.3cm, and one sun is about 3.03cm.
Q:What is “菊判(kikuban)” ? A:It is a unit of paper or book size, and the size is about 939mm (length) x 636mm (width).
About PIGMENT Shop
Q: When are PIGMENT business hours? A: PIGMENT is open from 11:30 AM - 7:00 PM, and closed on Mondays and Thursdays.
* If a holiday falls on a Monday, the Monday will be open.
If we have any other changes in our business hours, we will notify them on the NEWS page of PIGMENT website, Twitter, or and Facebook.
Q:Do you have any workshops utilizing PIGMENT products? Do you have any workshops in English? A:We have workshops on Saturdays and Sundays. Unfortunately, we have no English workshop at the moment. Please click here for more details.