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Pig Skin Glue (Suitable for Dosa/Sizing)

Material: 豚皮
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Pig skin glue is a thin sheet of glue made from pig skin.
Its high jelly strength gives a sizing effect on the paper or fabric even without using alum, so it helps to avoid deterioration due to oxidation caused by alum.

Add some water in order to make it swell and dissolve in the refrigerator.
As this product do not contain any preservatives, please store the dissolved liquid glue in the refrigerator and use it up within several days.

For sizing silk, dilute the pig skin glue as 1.5~2 %

* Adding Preservative/Fungicide agent to the glue will help it last longer.

<Physical Properties>
JS 610~630vg (Jelly Strength)
pH 5.0~6.0

 【How to Use】

Suitable for dosa sizing.
Dilute the liquid 6.6~5 times (3~4%) with water.
(Non-bleeding effect is fully demonstrated without adding alum so please use it as is.)
Warm 3~4% Pig glue up to 25℃~30℃. Paint it slowly (move your brush 2cm per second) on washi paper with a flat brush. Let the paper dry for 2-3 days and then it will be ready for drawing.

※Non-bleeding effect of the pig glue is depending on humidity, temperature, and the type of paper. Please adjust its density from the referred percentage.
(Recommend season for work is fall to spring when humidity is low and temperatures are ideal for sizing.)

※This item is for sizing paper, please avoid mixing with paints.
There is a risk that paints will be cracked because the viscosity of the pig glue is high.
However, it can be used with gold powders (Kindei) and pearl pigments, please dilute the pig glue to 1.5~3% for mixing with those.
To use the pig glue for metal leaf application, dilute it to 1.5~3% and add 1% Alginate liquid. 

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