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Hyakusenboku 55 Danryu

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This ink stick is made so that the dispersion of carbon particles is constricted to the full extent to create the strength and thickness of the color of sumi. The quiet color of the carbon itself is polished to have harmonized beauty and overall brightness. The hue is reddish (warm) opaque complex black. We are aiming to obtain an expression of the graceful color of sumi, which has thickness and strength focusing especially on the shin (the core, the stroke by the brush) and the nijimi (the blluring part around the core). Like No. 52, 輩輩封候 (Haihaihoukou), this 團龍墨 (Danryuboku, a ring of dragon ink stick) ink stick can be used with any shade of black, thick, middle, or thin black, for Kanji (Chinese characters), Kana (Japanese syllabary characters) (on processed paper), and Bokuga (ink-wash painting). As the years go by, the ink stick will also grow and its properties and characteristics will become more distinctive. Manufactured in 1984.

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