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Harmonia (Granulating Watercolor ) Plus

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The name of watercolor paint "Harmonia" is inspired by the word harmony. 
The Harmonia series is known for its granulation effect and these exquisite colors are created by granulating two or more pigments in a single paint. 

This 12-color set provides granulation colors that create a unique texture and visibly clear appearance of pigment particles on your painting surfaces. 
As a rule, granulation is more visible and clear when there is a lot of water both on the paper and mixed with the paint itself.
Granulating watercolors create a whole new painting texture with unexpected stains and color changing which you can't find in usual watercolors. 

 【Set includes】10ml tube x 12 colors 
No.13 Shiny Blizzard,  No.14 Caribbean Azul,  No.15 Drift Ice,  No16 Lime Sparkle,  No.17 Gold Citrine,  No.18 Fairy Couch Pearl,  No19 Mandarin Carnelian, No20 Cranberry Punch,  No.21 Chiffon Pink,  No.22 Geographic,  No.23 Phantom Mist,  No.24 Raven Butler

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