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SPRAY Handy Pastel Fixative

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This is a special fixative solution for pastel drawings.
By spraying with this product, the color of pastel can be fixed without changing its unique color, and it prevents powder from falling off and smudging.

<How to Use and Precautions>
・Spray thinly and evenly over the entire surface of the pastel drawing, from left to right, up and down, and parallel to the surface while keeping a distance of about 40cm from the surface.
・If you spray a large amount at once, the liquid may flow.
・If you spray too much at once, the color may change.
・Do not continuously spray for a long time.
・Approximately 12 sheets of charcoal paper (65 x 50 cm) can be applied with one bottle of this spray.
Make sure to test the spray before using it on your artwork.
・Keep the room well.

※Do not use near flames or fire.
※Do not use in large quantities in a room where fire is present.
※Do not place in direct sunlight, near fire, or in other places where the temperature may rise above 40°C.
※Do not place in a fire.
※Dispose the spray bottle only after it is used up.

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