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Easily Dispersible Pigments  Quinophthalone Yellow

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Easily Dispersible Pigments are pigments that are hard to dispense but coated with a water-based dispersant (which helps dissolution) around them, they are mostly used for making water-based paints and inks.
By dispersing the pigments evenly with a binder (such as gum arabic or acrylic medium), it creates more vibrant colors and better stable fixation.
Normally, these colors are difficult to disperse due to the fine particles and the specific gravity being too light, however, the Easily Dispersible Pigments are designed to be able to disperse quickly and bring the best color out of the pigments. They are highly saturated and can be used by mixing different colors.
(Please note that colors may not be dispersed well when mixed with pigments of heavier specific gravity.)

Recommended Use
For paints
For watercolors, acrylics and other water-based paints

※Precautions for Use
Cannot be used with oil paints as they are processed with water-based dispersants.
It absorbs moisture easily and may harden.
Store in a place with low humidity.
If it does harden, there is no problem in using it.
※Pigments are for painting only. They are not intended for use in cosmetics, pottery glazes, or as a dye for fabric.

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