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Material: Calcium carbonate (Itabo oyster)
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150g JPY 2,805 tax in
300g JPY 4,125 tax in
500g JPY 6,325 tax in


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Kinhoin is made from only the thick top cover of the Itabo oyster, and it is the highest grade product which has bright pure white color.
Shirayuki-> hakujuin -> kinhoin, and the higher the quality becomes as it goes to the right, Kinhoin has a soft color and is suitable as a top coat or finish, shirayuki is opaque white and is suitable for the base coat.

Gofun is a Japanese traditional “white” color whose component is calcium carbonate made from Itabo oyster. Left and weathered for over 10 to 15 years, shells are grinded to a stone powder with a stone mill. At the same time, they are purified well and made into sheet-shaped by air seasoning. You can mix with general pigments such as sumi ink and vermillion.
*Since it is a sheet-shaped pigment, please make sure to grind well with a mortar and pestle before using.

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