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Fish Glue

Material: Fish skins
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PIGMENT TOKYO's original fish glue made from fish skins.

Fish Glue has a very high jelly strength, which makes it suitable for sizing even without the use of alum, the use of fish glue also delays the deterioration of the paper due to the oxidation.

It does not contain any preservatives, so please store the dissolved product in the refrigerator and use it up within a few days.

Before using it, add some water and let it swell in the refrigerator. Then dissolve it by warming the glue up in a container placed in hot water.

You can keep the glue for a longer period of time by adding「Fungicide」to it.

<Physical Properties Value>

34.9 mPa・s(Viscosity)

JS 581g (Jelly Strength )

pH 6.3

【How to use:】

Use it for Dosa sizing (a technique for preventing color bleeds)

1. Dilute the glue to 4~5% and use it as a Dosa agent. (No alum is required in this solution)
2. Adjust the temperature of the glue solution to 25 to 30℃, then soak the brush in thoroughly, and slowly draw it on the surface of the Washi (at a speed of about 2 cm/second).
3. Let it dry for 2-3 days before staring to draw.

※The effectiveness of the Dosa agent varies depending on the type of Washi, humidity and temperature. Please use the standard concentration as a guide to make adjustments. (The best time to work is around autumn to spring when humidity is low and temperatures are not high).
※This product is recommended as a Dosa sizing glue, so do not mix it with paints. Noted that mixing fish glue with paints may cause the paint to crack as it has a very high viscosity.

However, it can be used for Kindei (Japenese gold paint) and pearl pigments. Please dilute the glue to 1.5~3% before using it.

You can use the glue as a adhesive for applying metal leaf. Please dilute the glue to 1.5~3% and add 1% alginate solution before using it.

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