[WORKSHOP]Creating Original Color Wheel


As the winter is coming, you can feel the frigid air while walking around at Tennoz Isle, where PIGMENT TOKYO is located.

For this year’s ART MARKET TENNOZ Winter Festival, as a tie-up project, we will be holding one of our most popular limited-time workshops, the Creating Original Color Wheel.

[Workshop]Creating Original Color Wheel

Date: December 4 (Sat), 2021

Time: 14:00 - 16:00

Reservation : https://pigment.tokyo/workshop/detail?id=409

Please refer to the reservation page for more information.

Children under the age of 9 need to be assisted by a parent or guardian at all times.

The "three primary colors" are the three basic colors that can be mixed in varying amounts to produce a gamut of colors.

In this workshop, we will be mixing the three primary colors of paint, cyan (bluish-green), magenta (reddish-purple), and yellow, then create the marbling design by pouring the paints onto three different sized circular paper and letting them dry.

This is a course in which participants get to learn about color through hands-on experience of making collages with painted papers.

Therefore, what kind of artwork will be created through this myriad of colors? And how will these colors change depending on the composition of the paints?

The instructor of this workshop is Kei Saito, who is also in charge of the regular workshop "Creating Original Paints”. Moreover, he also provides other limited-time special workshops such as Creating Original Pastels and Making Original Crayons.

Feel free to click on the article below for more information about our special project workshops that were held on the last summer.

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Back to the main topic of this article, let's take a look at how we can create collage art while learning the theory of primary colors.

First, let's talk about the painting materials.

Pigments, sizing agents, and other materials that create paint will be explained in an easy-understanding way for children and beginners.

By knowing the basics of art materials, it will increase your interest in creating.

Pigment Paste Hansa Yellow Light
880 tax in
Pigment Paste Quinacridone Magenta
1,100 tax in
Pigment Paste Phthalo Blue
880 tax in

YUPO paper α
1,210 tax in

The next step is to mix the special paints that are made of pigment paste and sizing agent. Some of you may think it is a little difficult, but don't worry, once you tried it in person,

you sure will be fascinated by the sea of colors as you watch the ebb and flow of the colors melting together.

Of course, if you have any questions, you can always ask the instructor during the process.

As you can see from the picture above, rich colors are created from three primaries that fuse in a streamlined pattern.

Therefore, it is fun to know that this might be a color wheel that you can only create once in a lifetime where no two patterns repeat.

Whether you are an amateur who hasn't used color materials since your school days or an artist, you will be impressed by the beauty of colors!

While waiting for the color wheel to dry, the instructor is going to give a talk about “color”.

By deepening your understanding of the three primary colors, you will be able to develop a new idea for your artwork.

Furthermore, another interesting aspect of this workshop is to observe the change from the glossy wet paint to the matte calm color that emerges after drying.

Once the color wheel fully dries, use the parts to create collage art.

There is no right or wrong way to express yourself, whether it is with your favorite colors, the season, or an original theme.

Remember, the colors that appear exactly as you imagined them, as well as those that exceed your expectations, are all part of the fun!

Ta-daa! Here’s how the final work looks like.

Through the color wheel, you will be able to see what kind of art you can create from the infinite number of color combinations.

Moreover, you can bring the pieces you created home and display them on the wall or give thm as Christmas gifts.



Last but not least, ART MARKET TENNOZ will be hosting several events and exhibitions at galleries around the PIGMENT TOKYO.

So you can enjoy the art while walking around Tennoz Isle with a great view of Tokyo Bay through the tranquil canal.

For more information about ART MARKET TENNOZ and other nearby galleries, click the links below.











As the end of the year is right around the corner, perhaps it's time to give yourself a break from the hustle and bustle by finding your inner peace through the world of color!


Art Materials Expert at PIGMENT TOKYO


Art Materials Expert at PIGMENT TOKYO Graduated from the Textile Design at Tama Art University. While she works as an art material expert at PIGMENT, she also continues her career as an artist of original paper, Japanese paper and calligraphy.

Art Materials Expert at PIGMENT TOKYO Graduated from the Textile Design at Tama Art University. While she works as an art material expert at PIGMENT, she also continues her career as an artist of original paper, Japanese paper and calligraphy.