Creating Crayon WORKSHOP —Family Art Tour in TENNOZ!—


In Tennoz Isle, you can discover art on a daily basis.

Not only are there permanent artworks in galleries and murals around the city, but also other art events that can be enjoyed seasonally.

This fall, we are holding a special workshop as a collaboration event with WHAT CAFE.

◾️<Limited to 5 Groups> Family Art Tour in TENNOZ!


Contents: PIGMENT TOKYO (Creating Crayon WORKSHOP) + Lunch at WHAT CAFE 

Time Schedule: 

・10:00 - 11:30 ① Crayon Workshop at PIGMENT TOKYO 

・11:30 - ② Lunchtime at WHAT CAFE with a view of the canal

Option: Special ticket for WHAT MUSEUM

※If you would like to visit the WHAT MUSEUM, you can purchase a ticket as an option.

Reservations: https://pigment.tokyo/workshop/detail?id=404 

※Please refer to the reservation page for details.

※Preschool children to early elementary school students need to be assisted by a parent or guardian at all times.

The "Creating Crayons Workshop" has been held irregularly as a fun event for parents and children.

The last workshop was held in May 2021 as a collaboration project between WHAT MUSEUM, a collector's museum, and WHAT CAFE, an art cafe. I was impressed by the participants both adults and children, who were really into making their own crayons.

This time, we prepared a workshop that can be customized according to your preference.

After attending the workshop at PIGMENT, guests can have lunch at WHAT CAFE located along the canal in Tennoz Isle. It will be a time to enjoy a relaxing moment while looking at the artworks displayed in the gallery and the canal overlooking Tokyo Bay.

As an option, you can choose a discount ticket to see WHAT MUSEUM, which is located right next to the PIGMENT TOKYO. It would be a wonderful experience for you to spend time surrounded by art to fulfill your soul. Since autumn is the season for enjoying art in Japan, this will probably be a great event for this year.

For more information about the previous event, click the link below for the FEATURES article.

【FEATURES】"Family Art Tour in TENNOZ!" Event Report

Now, I would like to introduce you more to the "Creating Crayons Workshop" at PIGMENT TOKYO.

Many people probably think crayons are “just for kids'' or perhaps they remind you of your childhood. However, crayons can be used to paint beautifully and can easily create layers of colors.

Let's take a look at how it's made.

The materials we are using are wax, oil, pigments, and additives.

Each of them is measured with a measuring spoon and put into an aluminum cup.

The instructor for this workshop is Kei Saito, who also teaches workshops on "Creating Original Paints" and "Creating Original Pastels."

He will give you a step-by-step explanation of how to make crayons along with stories about colors. The workshop is welcome for children and beginners.

However, if your child is in the lower grades of elementary school or younger, a parent or guardian will be required to attend and assist them during the workshop.

The key ingredients of crayons are wax and oil. These two elements make the crayons water-resistant and easy to fix on paper. The crayons also have a hard texture and can be used for line drawing. Crayons are also recommended for children who have difficulty controlling their power and for those who want to draw with a strong touch.

Once all the ingredients have been added, melt them thoroughly, stirring on an electronic warmer.

You can smell the wax in the air and it’s starting to form like a crayon.

Once the wax melts into liquid, put it in a mold.

Finally, the color liquid is poured into the mold. As the picture shows, the wax started to look more and more like a crayon.

This time, we have prepared simple crayon molds that are easier to draw with than the ones used in the previous workshop.

After chilling and hardening the wax liquid, push it out with a stick and it is ready to be used!

And of course, you can take the crayons home in a special box that we made.

When I tried drawing with the freshly made crayons, the colors came out more vivid than they looked, and they stayed on the paper well. I can draw lines smoothly and paint on the surface easily too, which makes me want to draw on a large piece of paper with different colors!

It would be fun to imagine what kind of painting you could draw with the crayons while making them, or to draw intuitively with your inspiration from the crayons you created.

There’s also a video clip of the crayon making process that we posted on Instagram and Twitter.

You can check those from the following links.


【Twitter】 https://twitter.com/pigment_tokyo/status/1454390491085037573

This article is my “special invitation” for you to join us for a unique art experience, starting with the creation of your own art materials, by the canal reflecting the autumn sky and looking at the changing colors of the season!


Art Materials Expert at PIGMENT TOKYO


Art Materials Expert at PIGMENT TOKYO Graduated from the Textile Design at Tama Art University. While she works as an art material expert at PIGMENT, she also continues her career as an artist of original paper, Japanese paper and calligraphy.

Art Materials Expert at PIGMENT TOKYO Graduated from the Textile Design at Tama Art University. While she works as an art material expert at PIGMENT, she also continues her career as an artist of original paper, Japanese paper and calligraphy.