WORKSHOP “Creating Original Paints”


Workshops, one of the fun experiences you can have at PIGMENT TOKYO!

The workshops have been cancelled for a year from last spring, but as I mentioned in the recent FEATURES article, "Let’s Have Fun with Art at PIGMENT WORKSHOP this coming Spring" they reopened in April 2021.

Hope you are as excited as I am for the returning of the workshops!

All of PIGMENT TOKYO's art materials experts take the workshops as training and to enhance their core expertise. Even though I use certain paints and tools daily as an artist, I enjoy learning more about art materials other than my own speciality.

Therefore, what are the new workshops going to be about?

I've participated in one of the PIGMENT workshops, and I'm here to give you a “special update” of what I’ve learned!

No further ado, the entry course of “Creating Original Paints”!

Creating Original Paints

Schedule: Twice a month / Sunday

Time: 14:00~15:30


Reservation: https://pigment.tokyo/workshop/

The instructor may vary depending on the courses. Thank you for your understanding.

Kei Saito, artist as well as the instructor of the current workshops.

Kei Saito has been giving courses and workshops related to paint-making and western art materials in the past. Some of you may recognize him from one of our PIGMENT VIDEOs, “Creating the Original Color Wheel”.

2,750 tax in

"Creating Original Paints" is one of the most popular workshops for all ages, following the traditional process of making watercolor paints using a marble stone board and a muller.

The workshop starts with the explanation of the pigments and other basic ingredients to make paint.

In PIGMENT TOKYO, we have “a wall of pigments” displaying on the shelves, from natural minerals to artificial ones. In this workshop, Kei Saito showed and explained to me the basic components of paints in a simple, understandable way.

Even if you’re familiar with pigments and paints, learning about the history of pigments will allow you to enjoy your art materials from a different perspective.

Please note that during the workshops, there will be acrylic barriers placed among the seats to maintain physical separation and social distancing.

※The acrylic barriers were taken away during the photoshoots.

A look during the preparation of “Introduction to Mineral Pigments”. 

A look from the “Creating Original Paints”. 

Once you have learned about pigments, it's time to make your paints!

During the workshops, we’re using Suihi(水干, tinted shell powder pigments) for the paint-making, which are known for their large variety choices of vibrant colors. 

First, pick your favorite colors. Then, add gum arabic and honey, which are used for moisturizing and antiseptic purposes. Next, knead the pigments with both gum arabic and honey well.

Suihi Beni
330 tax in
Suihi Gunjo
330 tax in

Marble stone boards and crystal mullers from ZECCHI made in Florence, Italy, are the tools we commonly used to create the paints.

These tools help to mix and blend the pigments with glue to produce the ideal color for the paints.

Although the larger mullers can be a bit heavy, with the use of Gum Arabic, honey and water, they will achieve a lubricating effect, so it won’t be too much of a challenge even for women and children.

We also offer smaller mullers to make it easier for everyone to find the right one for their paint-making.

Crystal Muller

Marble stone board
5,500 tax in

As we said, "the more you knead, the better the paint will be,” so we usually ask our participants to put in some love and effort while making the paint. 

Therefore, during the workshops, we will lend you aprons and rubber gloves, so just bring yourself and you don't have to worry about creating a mess and just have fun!

So, are you excited about what kind of colors and paints you will get? I sure am! 

For those of you who have questions like “I try to create certain colors of paints, but I have no idea what combination of pigments I should put in?”

Don’t hesitate and ask our instructors, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Therefore, one of the perks of a face-to-face workshop is that you can ask the instructor questions as you create.

Even if you have any questions or concerns about art materials, techniques, or storing methods, feel free to speak up and ask for the answers!

By joining workshops in PIGMENT TOKYO, your senses will be fully inspired by being surrounded with colorful pigments and paints. You will get to experience the wonder of creating colors!

Turn your favorite color into paints? Try to replicate the colors from your memories? Or even colors you wouldn’t have imagined to have? 

Perhaps it’s time for you to create the world’s one and only watercolor paint!

When you finish making the paints, you can put them in a container and take them home.

You can stick with one particular paint as your signature color, or you can create two to three colors.

The paints you made can be used as watercolors for your artwork, or you can purchase with the Washi papers and brushes to give them out as souvenirs. 

Feel free to discuss with our instructors or staff for more. 

We are irregularly holding a one-day online course with live streaming as well.

[Live] A Tale of Blues, Greens, and Golds That Truly Illuminate the Japanese Irises

Date: 2 May 2021 (Sun)

Time: 19:00~20:00

Fee: JPY 500

※The online workshop has currently ended.

Natsumi Yamasato, who is also the instructor of our current workshops on mineral pigments and metal leaf, gave an online lecture on the basics of the art materials that were used for painting the National Treasure of Japan "Irises screen (燕子花図屏風)".

There are no special tools needed, so you can take the course easily at home.

It will always be a fun experience by painting purple flowers like Kakitsubata (燕子花, Japanese Iris) during May and June while feeling the arrival of early summer!

Join us in this online workshop if you are interested in Nihonga (日本画, Japanese painting) materials such as mineral pigments and metal leafs.

For beginners, the best way to start your art journey is to make your first step on knowing the art materials!

And if you are an artist or painter, this workshop will allow you to explore colors and paints from a different perspective.

Any of you who are interested in our workshops are more than welcomed to join us!


Art Materials Expert at PIGMENT TOKYO


Art Materials Expert at PIGMENT TOKYO Graduated from the Textile Design at Tama Art University. While she works as an art material expert at PIGMENT, she also continues her career as an artist of original paper, Japanese paper and calligraphy.

Art Materials Expert at PIGMENT TOKYO Graduated from the Textile Design at Tama Art University. While she works as an art material expert at PIGMENT, she also continues her career as an artist of original paper, Japanese paper and calligraphy.